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 CUTTiiE maU'ss APPLiiCATiiOn ----

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CUTTiiE maU'ss APPLiiCATiiOn ---- Empty
PostSubject: CUTTiiE maU'ss APPLiiCATiiOn ----   CUTTiiE maU'ss APPLiiCATiiOn ---- I_icon_minitimeWed Mar 18, 2009 10:01 am

Name:Maureen __ Quizon

Sex: babaee

Age: 16 na mukhang 9 yrz Old !!

Location: PiiLiiPiiNss

Nationality: FENAii

Position: OWNER ,,ADMiiN ,, MOD

Contact:(number email or etc.)

email: sweet_mau16@yahoo.com

a) Are you a staff member (ie admin/moderator/staff etc) of other sites? If yes pls specify.
[ nop ]

b) Why do you want to be a member of Infinite-phasor(NoRules) staff?

[ coz ii thiink iits fun 2 be a staff iir ]

c) How often are you on line and would you be willing to spend much of your time here?
woo .. .. 24/7 -- 7/11

d) Do you have any special abilities/knowledge you can share with the
site/community? (with special knowledge preferred but not required)
wooo.. yeah yeah !!

e) Why do you think you'll be a good staff member?

[coz d acOh pasawaII ka gaya ng iibang staff ] p'z

f) What forum category is your best expertise?

(ie. Cellphones, Discussion, PC (Games, Apps, Movies), PSP, 18+ , Etc.)

[ woo .. .. lahat !! ]

g) Do you have experience in moderating a forum (PHPbb Forum)

[ forum ?? not yet !! -- pro kung cbox ii experiience iit befoh! ]

yan na fOh ang mahiiwaga qUng AFFLiiCATiiON FORM lol!
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CUTTiiE maU'ss APPLiiCATiiOn ----
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