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PostSubject: -V-i-R-U-S-   -V-i-R-U-S- I_icon_minitimeSun Mar 15, 2009 8:26 am

Name:Lance HEnrick C. Ducante





Position:Forums Moderator

Contact:(number email or etc.)
chillaxheart@yahoo.com << ym
09082603110 << smart ^^

a) Are you a staff member (ie admin/moderator/staff etc) of other sites? If yes pls specify.
moderator in other site

b) Why do you want to be a member of Infinite-phasor(NoRules) staff?
gus2 ku lang sumali.. gus2 ku share sa ip ung talent kuh hihihi

c) How often are you on line and would you be willing to spend much of your time here?
tuwing gabi lang ^^

d) Do you have any special abilities/knowledge you can share with the
site/community? (with special knowledge preferred but not required)
making banner

e) Why do you think you'll be a good staff member?
because im active ??

f) What forum category is your best expertise? NONE

(ie. Cellphones, Discussion, PC (Games, Apps, Movies), PSP, 18+ , Etc.)

g) Do you have experience in moderating a forum (PHPbb Forum)
sa eklabush

h)sample works (if gfx or layout designer)
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